Folding Bike Basket Rust Proof Easy Installation on Front Handlebar

  • Foldable Design for Convenient Storage The basket for part folding bikes and mountain bikes measures 13” x 7.8” x 8.6” ( 33 x 20 x 22cm ), which is large enough to hold bags, grocery, flowers, pet and more. As the bike basket is designed to be foldable, it could be folded to a smaller size for convenient storage while not needed. The folding bike basket could be installed in both front handlebar and back seat of your bikes.
  • Rust Proof Steel Construction The bicycle basket comes with a steel construction, which is anti-rust. The unique plastic tubes are used to wrap the hooks of the bicycle basket to protect both the handlebars and hooks from stratching and damaging. The lift off bike basket with high quality if strong and durable for use.
  • Easy Installation with Instruction Included The bike basket was folded originally, push the folding basket a little bit and then lift the buckle, the foldable basket will open automatically. Use the plastic tubes to wrap around the basket hooks to prevent straching (Do not cover the screw hole). Insert the two blots through the basket and tighten them with a 4mm hex wrench ( adjust the position of brake and transmission if needed).
  • Suitable for Most Folding and Mountain Bikes The bike basket is suitable for most folding bikes and mountain bikes. The handlebar diameter should be smaller than the bike basket width 4.5cm. In order to prevent the bottom of the basket touch the bike tire, please make sure the distance between the handlebar and the bicycle tire is higher than 12 inch (30cm).
  • Package Bike Basket X 1 Bolts X 2 Hexs X 2 Plastic tubes X 2 Instruction x 1
  • We arltb make all road lead to the best. This foldable design for convenient storage of bikes not only can carry many goods such bags, grocery, books and flowers, but also could be folded to a smaller size for convenient storage when not needed.