The best light-weight and powerful e-bike ever in the world

Do you ever feel it’s a pain to commute when there is bad traffic?So much time for relaxing or staying with family members wasted on the go when there is a traffic jam or waiting for the metro/buses.

Do you ever ride to work /back home in the heat with sweat ,and then show up all sweaty and smelly for your job.Human sweat is comprised of more than 90% fecal particles, which is why you smell like a hog confinement

Do you ever experience knee pain while you need walk against the strong wind and go up the hills?You find it’s really hard ending up out of breathe.

If you have the above trouble,don’t worry,we have the right ebike for you,which is light-weight,powerful,compact and safe.This is a folding e-bike running at 15 mph for a range of 18 miles,which is an ideal commuting tool.Not only satisfies your transportation needs,but also it brings funny and joyful riding experience.

Light-weight with a carry-on feature

This bike only weighs 30 lbs and it’s easy to carry even for women.With a smart carry-on feature,you can pull it on the go like a luggage suitcase .Everything will be so easy.

350W brushless motor fuels up the journey

This powerful motor makes your commuting easy.If you experience knee pain or exercise induced asthma for example, Altruism e bike can breath new life into the sport of cycling.they might enable you to commute to work in extreme heat without perspiring so much.It will also largely improve the efficiency in climbing hills.

Smooth and secure riding experience

It’s our goal to make your riding secure with front and rear disc brake .By using the all terrain-tires,you are supposed to have a wider reach around the town.The torque sensor for smart pedaling has 5 different pedal assist,suitable for multi traffic conditions.

Compact and optimised storage ability

Made of high quality aluminum ,it’s very durable and lasts long:dustproof,snowproof and waterproof.It’s very compact when folded and won’t take up much space,in your dorm ,in your office or in your trunk.

Triangle frame for maxium stablility and safety

This design ensures that you will be safe enough riding on our bikes.It’s our essential responsibility that you will lead a safe ride on this bike.

Fast Charging and longer battery life cycle

it takes only 3 hours for a full refill.We deploy a 7.8 mAh 36V lithium-based battery,which has a 600 battery life cycles,much longer compared to ordinary batteries.

here’s a detailed specification sheet:

that's a e-bike for everyone!